Serving industries as diverse as healthcare, food service, hospitality, manufacturing and retail, Innovative Product Development (IPD) strives to be at the forefront of advancing technologies by developing industry-focused solutions.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Uveritech, Inc., leader in loss prevention through counterfeit detection, IPD was instrumental in developing many proprietary Uveritech product capabilities, including the first dual-light counterfeit detector, the industry standard for banks, law and government agencies and businesses of all sizes. Subsequently, IPD developed technology solutions in the areas of brand security with special expertise in fluorescent and security ink formulations.

Addressing the global problem of asset protection and brand security, IPD has introduced Latentogram® and Unigram®.  Utilizing a polarized covert image applied on a reflecting layer, these security branding solutions go beyond the typical hologram technology currently in the market.  A unique chemical and mechanical treatment creates invisible markings only visible through a polarizer.

IPD capabilities also include specialty inks and coatings, chemistries and electronics. Food safety products from IPD include FDA-approved food additives and colorants generally recognized as safe (GRAS). These intelligent and temperature-sensitive, color-changing labels prevent detrimental effects to food products.